Soft Diary

I create precious memories of my life that only I can see.

  1. First password is ‘000000’
  2. With this app, no one can see my precious memories. You can only save and decorate on your smartphone.
  3. Let’s save your precious memories to your own phone.
  4. You can back up the diary data to the download folder of your smartphone or restore the backed up file. All backed up data is encrypted and cannot be viewed by anyone.
  5. Since the diary data is stored inside the smartphone, all memo data is deleted when the app is deleted. Therefore, it is recommended to back up your data. If you restore after reinstalling the app, all data will be restored.
  • You can write diary, update diary, delete diary in your smart phone only.
  • You can search word in many diaries.
  • You can use diary without Internet.
  • You can use 16 different fonts
  • You can use very small, small, normal, large, very large 5 font sizes.
  • You can hide screen for private when somebody try to watch your diary.
  • You can unlock password 6 digit only Smart Phone no internet.
  • You can use 18 languages supported.