Soft Money Book

You can manage your economy and use one currency of 181. Sum of Day, Month, Year

  • You can enter a brief summary, category, and amount.
  • You can use one of all currencies (USD, EUR, KRW, MAD, JPY, …181) in the settings menu.
  • You can lock the screen so that only you can see the amount.
  • You can update or delete it at any time.
  • You can view daily totals, monthly totals, and annual totals.
  • Income is blue, and expenditure is red.
  • Different currencies can be used for several days. (But don’t use a lot of calls as there is no space to print the total on your phone)
  • Data can be exported to the download folder (SoftMoneyBook-1.0.0.bin).
  • You can get the data from the download folder (SoftMoneyBook-1.0.0.bin).
  • Take good care of your finances and backup file (SoftMoneyBook-1.0.0.bin)

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